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‘Manifesto’ is aproposal for the protesters who will have to protect themselves from different perspectives.
Project Info
  • manifesto
    open design
  • ‘Manifesto’ is a proposal for the protesters who will have to protect themselves from different perspectives. The product is a shield that gives the opportunity to the user to express the common message of the movement through the group formation of a big scale banner created by these individual modules but at the same time to protect personally himself from a possible clash with the police. Moreover, the same module can be combined with the ones of the co-protesters in order to create shelters for them while they are camping in the urban environment of a central square. The shield contains a folded soft mat that can be used for sleeping but at the same time protects the arm of the user while holding it. 
  • Manifesto offers an original system of formation for the protesters that they can line up in a convenient way during the protest:

    1- The first row of the protesters carry the shields that has the banner on them. With the banner, they are able to show what they are fighting for and convey their message to the others easily.

    2- The second row carries the shields with the real flowers. If the opposing side uses violence on the first row and passes them, they will face the row with the flowers. The aim of the flower shield is to evoke the question: Would you hit something precious and beautiful?

    3- The last row is is formed by the protesters carrying the shields covered with the reflective films. When the opposing side uses violence on the protesters, they will face the images of themselves on the shields. The aim is to show while using violence, they harm themselves and their values.

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