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iDUCK Stand

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iDUCK Stand is for all mobile phones
  • iDUCK Stand
  • iDUCK Stand is a stand for all mobile phones and small mobile pads.
    Such as our first product-iPUP, iDuck is featuring an animal-duck, actually duck beak.
    We want to make our mobile phone to a cute pet with our products, iDUCK and iPUP.
    The duck beak shape is very familiar with us. There are many kinds of duck beak products in the world.
    But only iDUCK can transform your mobile phone into a duck face (You can use the eye stickers in the package).

    Not only as a stand function, iDUCK has more useful functions.
    1. iDUCK can be a storage for small accessories like earphones.
    iDUCK has a lid and if you open the lid, there is an empty space. Also the lid has a hole for earphone jack to keep it conveniently.
    2. You can carry iDUCK conveniently using the small strap in the package.

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