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Chair - a basis The basic idea of a chair of "basis" to help the person to accept a correct bearing in a condition sitting. The backbone is a basis of a human body. On it so it is necessary for it to give unloading. The especial role of a backbone in our body consists in its first and most important function is a protection of nervous system, that is its sarcophagus. It is its most important function and mission. And already in the second turn, a backbone is a part of the oporno-impellent device. As the nervous system is the higher fabric structure of a body, and it submits signals to the same oporno-impellent device and an internal, operating them. In our backbone there is a part of the central nervous system which is responsible for an innervation (adjustment) of an internal. And backbone misuse can end with damage of the central nervous system which is responsible for work of all internal. Correct use of a backbone on the basis of understanding of its functions and possibilities will provide stable work of an internal, disposal of existing diseases and body health. The chair-basis back represents similarity of a backbone so that the person could accept at once correct position for a backbone and a neck that gives full unloading on a back and massage effect for a backbone neck. The back is regulated on height it allows to arrange individually it under each person. The top part of a back is executed in the form of a masseur for a neck. Downwards in the area of a back-basis goes rubber small pillows which give the chance to the person to be entered softly in абрис backs and to accept a correct and comfortable position for it. One leg under inclinations gives the chance to the person to have feet as to it will be conveniently and is in addition regulated on height. The chair is executed from plastic, rubber and metal. The idea of a chair the minimum expenses for a material to reach the maximum comfort for the person.

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