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X-Control is an interactive cooking control system, designed for especially physically disabled people and also for all kind of users. It’s providing to check the cooker remotely, while cooking. So that, the user doesn’t need to go to the kitchen constantly. Especially it is important that, physically disabled people can check the cooker when watching TV or reading in living room. You can reduce or increase the heater, switch on/off and set the timer again. Besides, this system provides an interactive experience to the users. Users can create an account and profile on the online platform of X-Control and get new recipes from there. On this platform, you can share your food’s photographs / recipes to your friends. Of course It will make cooking enjoyable! Project is consisting 2 units. These are “induction cooking plate” and “control pad”. Pad is charging when attached to the cooker. The connection is provided by Bluetooth. Pad can be positioning vertical or horizontal on table.

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