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Wrist stand

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BurositWriststand (officeaccessory) This product design’s target people who is working long time on computers with mouses. Those people have problems about hands and wrist by pressing to same points for long times like carpal tunnel syndrome, callus, calcification... It solves by: It has speacial form andusage materials flexiblety Structure channels and their eliptic sections offer line touching to body skin (no-touchpoint). Intheresult, realy beter ergonomic benefit to illness what is about un-ergonomy by changing lines when you are working. It can accumulatelittle bit sweatanddirt in hot days as well as itscompetitors but you can wash it easily Its sub-surface offers pictogram and logotype useful area (connectingsurface), so complex package is not necessary. This form can be stocking in little volume Finally it needs one material and one shot-production step

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