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Wakasu--Portable Sushi Maker

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Wakasu portable sushi maker is an"Easy-carrying","Fun-Making"and"Enjoyable-sharing" tool for sushi making. This design also need some sponsors support designer to make this idea to real product. If you interested in this project, please contact to designer at: Thank you.

  • Problems:
    • People are busy on working, don’t have a time to go to restaurant during lunch time.
    • Have to wait for a long time if they want to have sushi for a lunch.


    • Storing rice, seaweeds and your favorit materials in Wakasu.
    • Carrying Wakasu to the office.
    • During lunch time, you can make various interesting shapes sushi by different interesting sushi makers.
    • Just need to tighten Wakasu inside part, and open it.
    • Enjoying making sushi, at same time,
    • Sharing the unique and yummy sushi with friends.
  • Inspiration

    Wakasu portable sushi maker is inspired by “Bamboo” and “ Lunch Box"
  • Exploded View
  • Different Choices For Inside Sushi Maker 
  • User Scenario
  • Color Choices
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