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Vacuum cleaner for Electrolux

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A School project based on a brief from Electrolux.
  • Vacuum cleaner for Electrolux
    A school project for electrolux
  • The assigment was to find a new marked for electrolux to expand their markedshares.
    I choose a segment based on cars, boats and mobile homes. Because the sales of big vacation houses, logdes ang cabins are declining in a response to the global economies recline. The sales of preowned mobile homes, cars and recreational boats are rising instead. Therefore I saw a opportunity to expand the markedshare of Electrolux into this segment. The segment has few big and direct competitors.

    The main consept of the shape and function of the vacuume cleaner is to give the same ergonomic grip, in any angle and position inside a small space. Based on studies inside boats, cars and mobile homes.

    The circular shape of the handel allows a variety of angles within the same grip.
  • The vertical orientation of the nozzel gives the user the ability to reach thight spaces in different angles.

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