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Turtle/Turtle (Kickstarter)

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A minimalist toy, sculptural seat and interior design object for kids. Crafted of steel wire & hand stitched leather, it's a timeless toy, seat or decorative element. Recently launched on the Kickstarter platform.
  • Turtle/Turtle: Is a minimalist toy, seat and decorative interior object for kids based on a sea turtle. It was originally designed as a one-off prototype for Humanscale's Faces in The Wild auction. Each auction participant was asked to choose an endangered species as the subject of their creation. Sea turtles were a good subject because they pre-date dinosaurs but are currently critically endangered. As a father of a young daughter, I wanted to create something that she would enjoy playing with and would also be an awesome modern decorative element when not in use. I've always admired the Eames's Elephant designed in the 1940's and I wanted to do something with a similar spirit and longevity. I had two pieces made - one for the auction and one as a gift for my daughter. She loved her turtle and so did our friends. We thought it would make a perfect gift and decided to produce more. The design has a simple, graphic aesthetic and premium, furniture inspired materials. Made from powder coated steel rod and premium saddle leather, it's super durable and will patina nicely over time. The dimensions are 25"x19"x6" / 63cmx48cmx15cm. People really seemed to like it, so we decided to do a small production run and chose to launch it on Kickstarter. 

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