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This vehicle was designed to provide the rider with a number of options, pertaining to driving stance and style. Central parts of the vehicle can spin in order to generate different vehicles typologies with different levels of difficulty to drive.
  • This transformable spin vehicle was designed to provide the user with four different way to experience the ride. Position and distance to the ground can be changed in order to generate different driving experiences. Besides our own body weight it features an electronic actuator system located on the handle bar which allows to control the vehicle's direction. Additionally, it runs under electrical power, we want to highlight eco friendly driving experiences, this vehicle houses a battery that sends power to the rear wheels as well as feeding the rest of the system.

    INNOVAR AWARD - Concept Design
    Concept Design development
    Year: 2008
  • Position 1
  • Position 2
  • Position 3
  • Position 4

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