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Tree Stump Speaker

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Speaker inspired by a tree stub.

  • The Tree Stump Speaker is an innovative idea that merges the ingenuity of nature-inspired design that instantly poses as a piece of statement-making art without losing its functionality as a sound system.
  • Tree Stump Speaker (2012 re-design)
  • Bluetooth edition - Wireless music streaming and portability
  • Corded edition.
  • A discrete circular disc controls the stump speaker allowing users to easily turn the power on and off, and it also helps in adjusting the volume for the system. The speaker features two four inch speakers that are built into the smooth, artsy piece and allow users to play their favorite tracks via a 3.5 mm audio jack that can be paired with almost any external media player.
  • The Tree Stump Speaker also comes with a wire stand for docking an external music player which is shaped to resemble a branch growing out of the tree trunk and would resemble a bird perched up on it when the player is placed on it. The removable wire rack is simply wrapped around the trunk which allows the users to simply uncoil it to remove from the unit.

    The speaker system also comes in a wall-mounted version which is shaped to resemble a tree growing out of a wall and introduces a playful element in the decor without compromising with the sound quality of the audio system.

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