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The Camus Floor Lamp

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Camus Floor Lamp is based on the quote from Albert Camus "You cannot create experience, you must undergo it." The lamp is being featured at the designspotter 3.1 show at the IMM in Cologne, Germany.
  • “You cannot create experience you must undergo it” Quoting from the prolific writer Albert Camus, the lamp is amanifestation of the dualisms of life. A beacon for the humanexperience the lamp is constructed to be a humble exterior shellteaming with chaotic self reflection. As light penetrates through thevoids of the text, it becomes a symbol of the juxtaposition of our owninternal concepts of existence and the ones we attempt to maintain onthe surface. Continuing the exploration of typography as a means ofdecoration and structure (Dharma Lounge) the Camus floor lamp createssituations where the participant is embraced by the possibilities ofcreating a relationship with the object through denotative andconnotative ideals.

  • On display at the 2009 Designspotter 3.1 at IMM in Cologne Germany for more info check out

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