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Tannoy Precision 6

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The Tannoy Precision 6 range combines Tannoy’s 85 years of loudspeaker design experience with modern high tolerance manufacturing to deliver outstanding accuracy and musical articulation. This luxury loudspeaker range is based on a new 150 mm (6”) version of Tannoy’s world-renowned Dual Concentric driver with WideBand tweeter technology. Delivering exceptional bandwidth with extremely low colouration this innovative point source driver ensures faithful reproduction of the source information.
  • Tannoy Precision 6
    Two-Channel Audio & Home Theatre
  • The Design Process

    Back in May 2011 Product Innovation company, 4c Design (us) were delivered a brief to design the look of a residential floor standing speaker that would feature between the Tannoy Mercury and the Tannoy Definition. We knew it would come in 2 and 4 driver configurations and feature Tannoy's unique dual-concentric driver. Apart from that we were left to rely on our long standing knowledge of the Tannoy product range and our own creativity.

    As with most projects of this sort we began looking for inspiration, which soon turned into a wide range of diverse concepts. Over a series of meetings these were whittled down to the 'winning' design. Tannoy are nothing if not sticklers for detail, if you are in the market for new speakers I strongly recommend going down to your local audio shop and checking out a pair. The quality is astounding!

    That brings us to the second stage of the project; once the primary shape was confirmed we generated a raft of concepts for different options for trim, plinths and finishes? From this point onwards Tannoy's technical team stepped in to produce prototypes giving us a glimpse for the final look and sound leaving us only in an advisory role.

    Both 4c Design and Tannoy are particularly proud of these speakers (most of the design team are already planning to get a pair).

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  • The Specification

    The speakers plan to be lauched in the following configurations:

    The speakers will be packed with technology, including Tannoy's dual-concentric tweeter design plus ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) drivers. The Precision 6.4 uses a dual concentric up top, then ABR, then driven bass driver, finishing with another ABR. Trust us they sound good!
    On top of that you get magnetic grilles, mass-loaded cabinets and a new sleek plinth design with quick and easy adjustment. They will be availible in a range of finishes including: dark walnut, espresso and gloss black, and a wenge finish.

  • Performance 6.4

    Drive Units



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