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Client: Swingline Completed: 1997 Design Team: Scott Wilson (while at Fortune Brands) FPO
  • Swingline
  • Working under the Fortune Brands umbrella, Scott Wilson’s work for Swingline, ACCO and Wilson Jones in the late 90’s marked the first project in which Wilson was empowered to design disruptive, industry icons that would initiate the rebirth of stagnant office brands. Wilson’s designs for Swingline balanced user behavioral insights, as gained through ethnography, with graceful organic and ergonomic form. 
  • Signaling Swingline’s focus on user-centered design-in a neglected and forgotten industry-the new design transcended this objective within the ‘office products’ category and became a source of inspiration for the industry as a whole.
  • Swingline proved that design could transform a commodity market through value-driven design stories. The collection became an instant financial success and went on to sell for over a decade in the market.

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