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Baru - swing chair with less materials

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During the process of designing, my aim was to solve four major challenge. 1. Break the technical frame of mind that is typical for swing seats with a transparent and ethereal structure. 2. Enable the swing seat to function as a sunbed with the adjustment of the parasol. 3. Enable swinging at lowered positions as well. 4. Develop an easily applicable rain protection instead of the ordinary forms.
  • During the design process of Baru my aim was to break the tipical technical feeling of the usual framework-system of average swing-chairs to create a more airier impression.
  • The junction of the seat’s suspension was solved with an easy knot and a hook.
  • The second aspect was how to lower the beds. Most of the swing-chairs have a very complicated solution for lowering and usually if you let down the bed, you cannot swing with the lowered bed. In Baru’s case with its hanging system the bed can be very easily lowered and you still can swing with it.
  • To lower the seat the hook needs to be put into the side handle from the back.
  • You can also easily adjust or even close the sunshade to use the swing-chair for sunbathing so it converts Baru to a more universal outdoor furniture.
  • One of the most typical frustration of swing-chairs is its rain protection. The manufactures generally use one big rain canvas that covers the whole swing-chair framework. The result is quite humping. So I’ve decided to design the chair to be easily foldable so you can cover only the chair with rain canvas. Therefore Baru still can be aesthetic in your garden when rain protection is applied.
  • The seat can be folded at suspended position as well and then sealed with the raincover.
  • Baru still can be aesthetic in your garden when rain protection is applied.
  • Before - After
  • Behind the sceens
  • If you would like to learn more about Baru swing
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