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Smart book

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Copyright © 2011 Imerj All rights reserved. Imerj & ViewFinity are trademarks of Imerj Design.
Project Info
  • Smart Book
    for dual screen mobile phone from Imerj
  • Smart Book is a extentional product for Imerj mobile phone , with battery , camera , speaker , keyboard and display . without mobile phone , smart book is nothing , but the advantage is smart book also have no  parts , the dimensions can be very slime and light . suitable to your stylish briefcase .
  • Concept A , represent existing design .
  • Sliding phone tray .
  • Take the phone away easily whatever smart book folded or not .
  • For different SKU design .
  • Concept B

    We located the phone at the position of number keypad from usability of NB usage .
  • The phone tray have a protect cover to avoid the damage of connector , also keep the point of the phone can be take away when screen folded .
  • Open the protect cover and sliding phone in , the cover become a support tray when opened .
  • For different SKU design .

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