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Smart TOP

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Project Info
  • Smart TOP
    Docking station for tablet
  • This is a docking station provide audio and video output function with high quality speaker inside . when review the usability and definition of this project , I think user don't need to adjust the title angle all the time . Because this is not a cradle for typing or long time working usage , most of time it just put on the table for listen music and video output , but sometimes you still will touch the tablet to check the time or other simple operation .  

    So , I think it should be some thing different and interesting about operation and usability .  
  • Smart Top have tablet support , playlist indicator .
  • When user push Smart Top , the wheel on the bottom will rotate and change the title angle .  
  • The tablet tray can be folded and save the space for portable and transportation .
  • Capacitive indicator play list . 
  • Support storage unite input ( AUDIO ) 

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