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Skrub | Paintbrush Cleaner

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Painting is one of my favorite hobbies, until it is time to clean up my paintbrushes. They are always filled up with paint up to the neck that is extremely difficult to clean. I looked at the two current methods of cleaning brushes: the palm technique and the thumb technique. By using these methods over a long period of time, you decrease the life span of your brushes significantly because skin oil deteriorates the bristles and the constant pressure bends the bristles. Skrub provides a barrier between your palm and the brush with ridges to clean your brush faster and more effectively.
  • "The best way to learn to paint is to paint. Mistakes are your best tools. Buy good brushes and take care of them. Paint somthing you love. These are the rules" - Nancy Witt
  • In addition to designing Skrub itself, I wanted it to have a unique packaging design that would stand out in a crowded isle at your local paint store. 

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