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SEESAWseat/seesawSEAT - - - A seesaw and bench in one.

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A seesaw that can be transformed in no time into a pleasant bench. The transforming takes place quickly: it’s a simple matter of sliding in and out two parts and shifting three pins. Child’s play.
  • SEESAWseat/seesawSEAT
    A seesaw and bench in one.

  • SEESAWseat

  • SEESAWseat

  • seesawSEAT 

  • SEESAWseat

  • seesawSEAT
  • Dimensions seesaw: Length 2.25 m/7.38 ft., width 0.38 m/1.25 ft., height 0.45 m/1.48 ft.
    Dimensions bench:  Length 1.50 m/4.92 ft., width 0.38 m/1.25 ft., height 0.45 m/ 1.48 ft.


    Photography: Ivo Knubben

    We are living in an era in which many products are offered to us as so called black boxes, even as the complexity of these products increases dramatically.

    The paradox here is that - partly due to the development of (graphical)user interfaces - the end user is more and more comfortable and at ease with using products, while at the same time is less aware with the real, and often complex mechanisms that lie behind them.
    Seen from this perspective, it seems that today’s end-users are increasingly out-of-touch with the products they use.

    Our work is about demystification. The most striking element of our designs is that the most important mechanisms and constructions of the products are made visible.
    All products of DvanDirk are designed and made according to this whitebox-approach. 

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