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Radian Watch Concept

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This watch concept is targeted at simplifying the users experience of telling time while reducing the watch concept to a minimal state. Traditionally, the typical watch features 3 hands that stem from a single axis, an adjusting knob on the right side of the body, and a wrist band that is anchored by two pins to the body of the watch. First, the proposed watch concept breaks the hands up into their own planes to make reading the time more legible at a glance. Second, the adjusting knob is moved away from line of sight and underneath the watch body. The new arrangement of the adjusting knob allows for a more streamlined and intrinsic approach to concealing the knob. Third, the watchband is reduced to a unibody form that does not require delicate pins to fasten to the body of the watch. Instead, a threaded ring secures the watchband removing the need for extrinsic prongs protruding from the body to secure the band. The end result allows room for quartz movement as well as mechanical movement to articulate the timekeeping. The inverted cone design creates a raised crown effect making the larger body appear lightweight. The straight edge band that tucks into the body directly adds to the effect of minimalism.

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