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ROC Ultra Compact Hand Pump

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The ROC Ultra Compact Hand pump design has evolved from a project that sought to develop a range of product concepts that could utilise a patented new piston technology. This design is the first of a family of rotary cycle pumps that will use the innovative piston
    Ultra Compact Rotary Cycle PumpThis is the first version of the cycle pump that RocPro currently have under developement for manufacture. The design will have a number of features that are unique within the bicycle pump market, including a rotary method of use that utilises a folding crank instead of a pump handle and a greatly improved air displacement volume to pump size ratio. 
    The internal patented technology has been prototyped and tested and the Ultra concept is now in the advanced stages of prototyping with Exeter University (CALM)  and the internal components are due to be optimised by UWE over the coming months.

    The Ultra is expected to meet the following specifications:-

    Dimensions:- 172mm L x 38mm H x 25.4mm W
    Weight:- 230 grams (although we are working with MAS to reduce this to around 190 grams)
    Pressure range:- 5 - 130 psi.
    Volume displacement:- 2 way version 128,000mm3
  • The Ultra Compact pump in a closed position
  • The Ultra with the crank half unfolded and the valve adaptor inserted
  • Ultra with the crank and small handle unfolded and the hand pump ready to use.
  • Below are the anticipated specifications for the Ultra Compact Hand Pump.

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