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Porsche Design Headphones

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Headphones for Porsche Design. This headphone concept has been designed to provide the best high-end experience to the user. In addition with crystal-clear sound quality, the Porsche Design headphones offers a great user interaction with noble materials! The side metallic part integrates the two major elements the user interacts with, and all in one piece: 1. The rails, for speaker height adjustment. The step pattern of the rails with the ball stoppers located in the speaker fixation insure a smooth yet stable interaction. This pattern was directly inspired from the ground metallic rails of the Stuttgart Porsche Museum (picture 5). 2. The hinges, for a compact storage. Just like high-end glasses frames, this integrated spring loaded hinge allows a smooth "auto-lock" interaction while opening or closing the headphones (picture 4). Click! Click! Clap! The speakers fixation caps (here shown with a carbon fiber texture) and the leather cushions are customizable parts. Are you Targa, Turbo, or Carrera?
    PORSCHE DESIGN - headphones concept
    personal project

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