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Pinarello Concept

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Art Center College of Design Concept Development 7th Term Independent Study Instructor: Jason Hill
  • Pinarello Plastic Road Bicycle
    7th Term Independent Concept Study
  •      The concept for 2015 is a proposition to the bicycle market, by introducing an entry level light weight bicycle using a low cost lightweight injection mold-able plastic as the base material, and mounting the injection molded piece to a machine welded inner frame.

  • New Product Category - Changing the Industry

    "Adapt to Technology and Improve Tradition"

    Reduce weight of the $250 - $350 entry bicycle by up to 35%, using injection molded methods.

         By establishing a brand of light weight plastic bicycles. A new product category is born. This new market segment can become a prime part of Pinarello's innovative culture. There is currently a lack of affordable light weight bicycles. Steel represents a bygone era of technology. It is a well known fact that weight is attributed to the price point.
  • The $200-350 price range is currently saturated with heavy steel frame bicycles.
  • Primary Plastic Monocoque Frame with Inner Aluminum Support    
         "The intent of this project was to figure out a sustainable method to quicken assembly and avoid the costly main body assembly time"
         "In order for this process to work the type of material and mode of assembly would have to be exponentially faster than the current trend of bicycle production and assembly."
  • Finalized Direction w/ internal monocoque sketch ideation

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