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Paprikum grinds any dried spices like paprika, chili, pepper, cumin and more by shaking it up and down. The more you shake it the finer the spice will be. The easy and spectacular movement makes Paprikum unique among all other spice grinders and containers. MOME - MA product design - consulant: Attila Bárkányi studio photo by György Kaczúr Order here:
  • The vision of Paprikum is to become the new worldwide symbol of grinding as a manual mill. Our aim is to spread the strong, fast and adjustable steel ball mechanism of Paprikum among gastro users that care about the aroma preserving processing of spices.

  • Papr!kum grinds not only paprika but any other kinds of dried spices like fennel or cayenne pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg or staranise giving us the chance to conjure our own spices or freshly made seasonings up.
  • How to use?
    Depending on how Papr!kum is shaken, the result is a coarse to fine ground seasoning
    in just 5-15 seconds.
  • Photo created by: SOMNIUM Studio
  • Photo created by: György Kaczúr
  • What is it made of?
    Papr!kum is made of sturdy but light high-quality aluminium with a 16-20µm anodised coating that guarantees its long-term use in the kitchen, while a stainless steelball grinds the spices to perfection.
    In 2012 Paprikum has won the Hungarian Design Award Special Mention in “Student” category.
    Order here:

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