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  • A 3-D Printed Watch, designed specifically for long distance friends, family or partners.
  • The ‘Other Half’ helps you keep your loved ones close, serving as a reminder of a long distance partner or family members overseas. This unique design features a secondary watch face, intimately located on the inner wrist. Once this hidden watch is set to the time zone of your 'Other Half' it functions as a small, but significant, window into their world.
  • Other Half features an innovative strap design of two halves, one half is 3-d printed in solid stainless steel and the second is a black leather strap. The overlapping form is derived form the act of holding hands and this juxtaposition of materials creates a piece which sits somewhere between a traditional watch and an item of contemporary jewellery.
  • An adjustable notch was developed to connect the leather and steel. This system allows for easy size adjustments, to fit most wrists and has a simple clipping motion, making it comfortable and easier to attach than watches with traditional clasps.
  • Model:  Henry D'ath
    Lecturer: Ross Stevens
  • Blogs which heve featured this work:!/photos/119925/1

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