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OUTSTAND Performance Laptop Stand

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The ideal solution for cumputer-using DJs/musicians, the OutStand integrates an interchangable MIDI controller; and adjustablility for a huge variety of set-ups and users' preferences.
  • OutStand Laptop Stand
    With integrated MIDI-controller, for live music and DJ performance 
  • While the rapid increase in computer-based musicians and digital DJs continues, typical DJ booths and performance equipment do not allow comfortable and effective use of laptops and MIDI devices. Providing the ideal solution for cumputer-using DJs/musicians, the OutStand integrates a MIDI controller that is interchangable between a keyboard, sampler, mixer or combination controller.

    The Outstand also features adjustable holder and feet positions; allowing greater adjustability and adaptability for all users, environments and situations. Thus, the OutStand is adaptable for a huge variety of set-ups; as well as the ergonomic requirements and preferences of different performers and DJs. 

  • Initial design development, exploring different performance layout possibilities, MIDI controller attachment and foot attachment
  • Sketches addressing adjustment and styling details
  • OutStand, with combination-type MIDI controller attached
  • OutStand, from the crowd's perspective

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