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This series called Oponce is the materialization of the meeting between Sebastien Poinas, saddler-upholsterer, and the 3 designers : Jean-Charles Amey, Claire Baudrimont and Pierre-Yves le Sonn. They shared their knowledge and their desires to develop a creative proposal between the car’s industry and home. A project that applies to the multiplicity of our senses, where the smell, the grain and suppleness of the leather reflect the sensuality of the skin. This project have been possible thanks to 21x29,7 Association.
  • Oponce
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  • Oponce started at the invitation of the 21x29,7 Association to build a project between craftsman and designers. The project brings together Sebastien Poinas, saddler-upholsterer, and 3 designers: Claire Baudrimont, Pierre-Yves le Sonn and Jean-Charles Amey. Each shared their knowledge and desire to develop a creative proposal between home furnishings and the automotive industry. The leather is assembled on a wood-plastic structure. The mirror dissolves the space by playing with the reflexion of light and the skin of the subject.
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    for Ligne Roset
    The domestic miroir Oponce #3 is now edited by Ligne Roset, from a collaboration. Version #3 is now presented at Maison & Objet in Ligne Roset space  (now! design à vivre / Hall 8 — Stand D61 / F62 ) 24th to 28th january 2014. 
  • #3 with new colors for Ligne Roset
    (more pictures soon)
    exhibition views
    larger exhibition views
  • exhibition view
    exhibition story book 
    makinf off
    Thanks for your time
    Cliquez sur la bulle bleue
    si vous avez appréciez ce projet

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