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  • OKES lifestyle bike
    solid oak wood bicycle
  • This solid oak bike is a response on our mass produced society, and goes back to the time of quality, durable, handcrafted, ‘one of a kind’ products. By changing materials, shape and looks from a standard steel tube bike frame you get a totally new feel of what is possible. The OKES bike frame is made out of superb quality solid French oak wood. Using a different material than metal pipes, as used in classical bike frames, resuls in a bigger variety of shapes to work with when designing this bicycle. The frame is CNC-milled in a little town in Belgium at Hout Ambacht, a factory making high quality, custom, solid oak interior products for the last 6 generations. The frame was made out of four solid parts glued together. The constructive characteristics of oak wood made it possible to use the material on its own without constructing materials inside. Sandblasting the frame gave it its beautiful wood structure back. Mat oil made the wood better resistant to sunlight and rain. The bike was finished off with extraordinary but classic looking metal accessories. No plastic parts or unnecessary breakable parts where added. This OKES bike is a simple but stylish, pure and durable lifestyle bike you want to be seen on.

    limited edition production only
    (top 2 photos by Sven Akerboom)

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