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A consumer electronic device which aids the user in remembering items upon leaving the home or workplace.
Project Info
  • Memio
    Personal Item Tracking
  • Design Objective
    Design a product that aids in reminding the user to take their essential items with them, when leaving the home.
  • Oneof the studies used to understand organizational behavior was totrack regularly used items within the home from day to day. This wasconducted on several subjects. In this example the subject trackedhis own items along with his roommate’s. Both exhibited differentlevels of organization. In this case one person showed signs ofhighly localized organization around his desk area, while the othershowed a scattering effect.
  • Research Conclusions:
    • Regardless of storage location, all items passed through the exterior door of the home.
    • It makes the more sense to address the user as they go through the action of leaving (mostly universal) rather than attempt to address a multitude of unique organizational behaviors.
    • At the point of exit, many people check the time, get one final look in the mirror, and go through a ritual of making sure they have everything they need.
    • Often these exit tasks are completed in different locations, consuming time as the subject travels around the house to complete them.
    • Aside from the issue of error, there is also an issue of time consumption. These go hand in hand when the user is in a rush or distracted.
  • 3Dform studies were used to approximate the size of the device anddevelop form language.
  • These drawings were output from the final 3D model which was done in Solidworks.
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