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The idea behind the Medipod was to develop a product that was portable and could be used in a variety of situations where a conventional first-aid kit may be inadequate or unsuitable to be used (ie. A warzone). The initial sketches presented here are from some early brain storming sessions, while sketch further down show the more refined product. The renders at the end of this section are representative of the final design presented to Bayer Material Science.
  • Medipod
    Emergency Medical Supply
  • Initial Concept Sketch
  • Initial Concept Sketch - A larger utility pod for job-site medical emergencies
  • Initial Concept Sketch - A medipod that can be dropped from planes and helicopters into warzones and hard to reach areas
  • Initial Concept Sketch - A medipod that can be attached to structural columns of various sizes. Great for placement in factories and job sites.
  • Initial Concept Sketch - A stretcher concept with storage space for first-aid supplies.
  • Refined Concept Sketch - A portable, wearable medipod
  • Refined Concept Sketch - A stretcher with storage space for medical supplies. Stretcher can carry clusters of medipods.
  • Refined Concept Sketch - Revised medipod design
  • Medipod Render
  • Medipod Render
  • Medipod Render
  • Medipod Render
  • Medipod Render
  • Medipod Render - Exploded View

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