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Me Time

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family of unlikely porcelain cups
  • Have a little me time...
    porcelain cup family
  • Time is quite a treasure nowadays. We need to take a breake every now and then, steal a couple of minutes for ourselves when we do not think about everyday problems but just unwind and relax.
    Don't we all enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffe, just to sit down cosy, hold our cup, sink in the moment and turn off the world?
  • Me Time is a family of unlikely porcelain cups. The external handle creates a close intimit touch and a completly new user experience. Just you and your tea in the moment.
    This design might be a little quirky but it provides a safe and perfectly confortable grab on the cup.
  •                            5 minutes                                15 minutes                                                  30 minutes
                        (espresso - 100ml)               (lungo or tea - 220ml)                       (latte, chai latte venti or tea - 550ml)
  • These cups are actually average cups with a twist. Start with all the same: container+handle. But only by one little difference it redefines the image of a cup. The most fitting expanation is: Why not?
  • The different sizes of the cups allows you to take the time you need to unwind and have your hot beverage (5 min, 15 min, 30 min).
  •                  These unique porcelain cups are made by slip casting, glazed and fired on 1300 celsius-degree.
  • team
  • tea / breakfast set with cup and tray

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