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Lomography - Superpop Sprocket Rocket Cameras

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The Superpop! Sprocket Rocket neon edition cameras were launched in Spring/Summer 2011. Designed to work with standard old 35mm film, the Sprocket Rocket captures panoramic shots so big that they extend onto the sprocket holes of the film, giving the camera its name and the shots it takes a distinctive look. It also features two shutter settings, two aperture settings, the ability to rewind the film for double exposures, and a hot shoe for flash use. To emphasize the beautiful retro camera design, for the packaging we decided to create the panoramic view of the shape of the camera body and also to show throughout the box much of the camera itself. An art piece of Roy Lichtenstein at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, was the main inspiration to develop this edition, through which we wanted to pay tribute to the Pop Art Movement and the neon color trend. Intended to be an on-going collection for the next Summer/Spring season of 2012, we chose to start four poppy, neon colors: Yellow, Orange, Blue and Green. For the finishing of the camera we chose a high-glossy surface to give a more Pop feeling. The black knobs helped providing an harmonic contrast and sense of pop art composition. I worked on the creative direction, concept and product design management including packaging, add-on materials and worldwide launch campaigns throughout the retail, online and wholesale channels. The Superpop! edition cameras, including its packaging, are a product of the Lomographic Society International. They have been developed by the in-house design team.
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    Superpop! Sprocket Rocket Cameras

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