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A small but just big enough fridge that acts as a shopping cart as well.
    A small but just big enough fridge that acts as a shopping cart as well.
  • Single people and small families don't need hundreds of liters of space in their fridges and those kind of households form a major portion of the population in big cities these days and even more so in the future. Having just big enough fridge saves space at home and makes it possible to use the fridge as a shopping cart or a picnic basket. Koolie has an NFC field build inside so that it detects all the new food items placed inside and charges a predefined credit or debit card automatically when you leave the store through cashier gates.

    Inside the store you can just add and remove items from the fridge since they are not charged until you leave the store. 

    Urban high density living where everything is a walk away is more ecological than huge suburbs with long driving distances everywhere. Koolie is one more step to making that kind of living more desirable.

    Koolie was an Electrolux Design Lab 2010 entry. The competition looked for new innovative appliances to be used in crowded cities of the future where small size is even more important that it is today. Koolie was praised to be one of the most innovative Finnish concepts.

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