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Intelligent Power Meter

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Lead Designer, with XentiQ Pte Ltd 2009, 1 month Project Contribution: Handled the entire project including design conceptualization, detailed design and design for prototyping. Credits: Ulrich Schraudolph, Eugene Tan, Steven Ang, Rainer, Lee Kia.
  • Realtime Power Management Capability

    Intelligent Power Meter allows you to monitor real-time, instantaneous power consumption of appliances plugged into the device. This power consumption data can be transmitted to other devices via the power line. Benefits include the ability to remotely off/on devices and to program device usage based on power stations' lower price charges during off-peak demand.
  • Design Conceptualisation

    Design explorations are done mainly through conceptualisation sketches of 2 design variants: wall-mounted and flat orientation. Design character is an emphasis for differentiation at this stage. 

    Initial feedbacks have a preference for less organic forms while emphasising simple shapes with clearly defined lines. Design for easy machining should also be a main driving factor.
  • Further Concept Proposals and Refinements

    The concepts were driven by 3 main design semantics, which I feel are suitable for the power meter as a modern and hi-tech product. The design language is kept simple and colours, materials and finishes are also introduced as a design strategy for enhancing the geometric forms.
  • Detailed Design / Design for Prototyping

    The device houses large power components. The design needed to balance the proportions to look good visually. In addition to the strong colour contrast, the back portion is curved inwards to reduce the profile visually. A further step is also created to contain the power plug. The design is translated to cad and mechanical features were designed in for easy snap-fit assembly.

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