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Infectious Light at Pega Design

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Category: Lamp Client: / Completed: 2009 Design Team: Cecilia Jia, Johnny Chen
  • Original concept developped by Pega Taipei.
    Designed during by intership at Pega Shanghai.
  • The purpose was to adapt the original concept of Infectious Light presented in 2008 through an industrial product. This close to commercial product was awarded by an IF Award China and a Good Design Product Taiwan in 2009. 

    The original concept of Infectious has unique personality, its spontaneous and poetic transmitting process creates life and soul, it consists of battery run light bulbs that sense each other. The purpose was to adapt this concept for real life, and to make a dream come true. Charging was one of the big challenges, so we designed a kind of luminous tree that can charge the different sphere of light. This idea brings us to the final proposition of Infectious Light. People just have to bring the mother light next to the baby lights and they will light up.
  • Responsible for researches and design. 
    Realized at PEGA Design & Engineering Shanghai, original concept PEGA Taipei.

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