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Industrial Design Graduation Thesis

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Final Industrial Design Thesis
  • The thesis is a one-person hybrid vehicle recreational use, posing a new way to start thinking and designing vehicles for the near future.

    The engine:

    The design of the thesis was developed to carry two different technologies, one for combustion and  electric. Working together on a hybrid.

    The internal combustion engine is an 160 cc 4-stroke, overhead valve, 5.5 hp at 3600rpm, with centrifugal clutch , with a 4L gas tank with a range of 2.30 pm approximately, continuous use.
    The electric motor operates at 48 volts, 3600 rpm with a torque of 30 Nm at 5500 watts, with an efficiency of 69%, with variable voltage DC power that feeds on 4 batteries in parallel, 12V 110 amps each, generating a range of 1 hour of continuous use, requiring about 6 hours of connection to 220V to be recharged. Like the combustion engine, it could use the same transmission assembly with optimum transmission ratio.

    With both engines running at the same time (the electric motor helps the internal combustion engine, lowering fuel consumption), the vehicle has a range of approximately 4 hours in continuous use
    Security & Accessories
    Chassis was designed based on one approved, made of alloy steel, where the changes made do not compromise the original structure. The fairings were designed to hide all functional components, to protect the user from possible exposure to temperature materials, fluids and / or chafing. Likewise, the fairing design envelops the cockpit, putting the user in a central position, shielded from side collisions, which are absorbed by it.

    We developed a functional steering wheel with a button that cuts engine power on the spot and regulating power of the electric motor

    The chair, made of fiberglass, foam is upholstered in recycled polypropylene, recycled leather lined to improve ergonomics and preventing common bruises on the lower back, which was presented in use of any karting.

    Also carried out a wall, polypropylene foam, leather-wrapped recycled to fit the seat, so it can be used by different percentiles, eg children and adults, without changing the seat.

    The pedals:

    We developed a device that allows you to vary 20 cm length thereof for the use of different percentiles, children and adults

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