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Indulgence is inspired by the soothing experience of a Japanese Onsen, and the water savings of a Navy shower. The mist cycle maintains the spa-like relaxation of a hot shower, while using significantly less water. How to enjoy a guilt-free shower... The experience starts with a low flow rinse. Then the rinse pauses and mist jets keep you warm while you soap and shampoo. Finally, the low flow rinse returns to complete the shower. The user interface provides personalized settings for optimized energy efficiency and relaxation. Attributes can be adjusted separately or a unique profile can simply be selected.
  • People will not abandon their long, hot shower.  It's a sanctuary.  A place of preparation, relaxation and reflection.  Indulgence enhances that experience, but uses 50% less water.
  • Indulgence features a rinse-mist-rinse sequence that can be modified at any time.  The shower rinses you for one minute before transitioning into a mist cycle.  The mist lightly sprays for four minutes, keeping you warm while lathering.  To complete the shower it provides a full rinse for two minutes.
  • The Indulgence shower saves 56% water and energy over a regular showerhead, and 26% over a low-flow shower head.  (3577 & 1022 gallons,respectively, assuming 365 7-minute showers)
  • Users select their profile button to configure showering preferences (such as temperature, duration, etc.)
  • We hope that ideas like Indulgence help people develop a greater understanding  of how small changes can make big impacts.

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