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  • HusH
    Noise Cancellation for the urban enviorment
  • Hush is a noise cancellation device designed for the urban dweller living in an urban environment. Population density in urban areas has been steadily on the rise and is predicted to grow in the future. With More people are moving into these urban areas living spaces will be closer together and noise pollution will become a bigger issue.

    This product delivers some peace and quiet to those having issues with unwanted noise in their area. The product mainly lives on the nightstand or bedside table but can be located in any area of the apartment were silence is desired. Hush can completely cancel out sounds from annoying neighbors or if you want it can play media off of your mobile device by simply setting it on the product. You can play your favorite music, sounds or sync your alarm through Hush as it also charges your mobile device. Directional speakers limit the sound the user instead of your neighbors. The wooden half of the products is a place for your books or glass of water and gives the product a more natural and personal feel. Hush also features a glowing light as your alarm goes off to ensure a peaceful wakeup.

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