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  • graduate work on a bachelor's degree
    There are several ways to prepare meats in your own kitchen, but the La Vobla Home Smokery affords aspiring chefs a rare domestic alternative. Frying and baking can get a little bland after a while, but this innovative appliance puts smoked fish on the menu.
    Designed especially for cooking the chicken of the sea, his indoor/outdoor barbecue by Natalya Bublik is actually shaped like the scaly marine creatures. It takes on a smooth aquadynamic form, complete with one pectoral fin, a caudal fin and a sort of face. These quirky details even perform functions.
    The first acts as a handle for opening the tuna-shaped contraption to reveal its fishbone grill. The second is a removable flipper and the third provides electronic controls. The La Vobla Home Smokery even incorporates a filter for safe indoor salmon-smoking, and the whole thing can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after use."  Amelia Roblin

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