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Greenhive: SCAD Transportation System

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A group of 11 selected students from all the Industrial Design Department at SCAD. We had the opportunity to design and fabricate three small electric vehicles (SEV). SCAD Savannah was our case study and we focused on designing a vehicle that would fit in a system that facilitates students commute from one SCAD building to another. The final goal of the project was to build three full-fidelity working prototypes and a system that the university can implement in a future.
  • Greenhive: SCAD Transportation System
  • Greenhive is a personal mobility network system for the SCAD Savannah community designed by students for students.

    The final goal of the project was to build a full-fidelity working prototype and a system of transportation that the university can implement in a near future. For more info visit the SCAD Greenhive blog.

    Photos taken by Stephanie Pendleton
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