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GreenHouse Effect

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Re-conceiving ecodesign beyond statistics, material or sacrifices
  • GreenHouse Effect
    Ecodesign beyond statistics, materials and sacrifices
  • The GreenHouse Effect was a conceptual exploration and exhibition probing the approaches of ecodesign: particularly, can we appeal to the emotion (rather than guilt or sacrifices) to seduce people into more ecofriendly habits?

    Showcased at Singapore Design Festival 2007.
  • Lullaby Plug draws upon the familiar, nostalgic object from childhood – a pull-string toy – to encourage electricity-savings. Using a simple, analog interface (rather than the typically complicated timer-circuits) make it easier for everybody to do their parts to prevent over-charging or drawing vampire currents.

    Honorable mention, RE:VISION Design Award 2010
  • There is an ingrained habit for recycling newspapers in most households; however, the process could use some help in both aesthetics and convenience.

    Sized perfectly for broadsheets and tabloids, the leather PaperHaus boasts a series of design details to make it simpler for users, from storage, tying, weighing to eventual removal. 

    Featured in Her World & SPACE magazine

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