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  • Grasshopper

  • The focus of this project is of a small single seat all weather, on and off road run-about with a rechargeable battery powered electric motor. The charging method would be a combination of connection to a regular 110v outlet plus a solar/thermal collecting pipe system on the roof of the vehicle - it is not a roof rack up there!!

    I have been toying with the idea of extended on road extended/maximized battery life with a mix of evacuated solar tubes (with toughened glass) strategically placed for max effect. The idea, of course, is that the extra charging during usage will supplement and provide longer ride time.

    This playful vehicle should have a max speed around 40 - 45 mph with a potential not stop run of 1.25 hrs - not too fast, but fun given the size and style of the vehicle.

    One more component of the concept is that the color of the vehicle could potentially change (darken) when there is a need for extra power. The darker the color, the more heat absorption and therefore, theoretically, more power production.
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