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Envy Eyes | Video projector | HP

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This new videoprojector is built for salesmans. We wanted to create a product which follow the classical and beautiful lines of the Envy range of HP, and also brings a new way to use the videoprojector in professionnals meeting. Concept: A videoprojector with an integrated wireless touchscreen tablet.This tablet allows you to interact with the documents you are projecting, without the need of a computer. Crop, draw, zoom, add notes....instantly on the projected document. Just bring an USBkey or a SDcard and project! The "aluminium unibody frame" of the device included an handle and make the product secured during the trips. The ventilation system (located high) is hide under the main frame. The touchscreen tablet integrated at the top is charged by an induction system. Credits: Design - Elie Ahovi, Francois Rybarczyk, Jeremie Levain 3D model and renders - Francois Rybarczyk
  • Envy Eyes
  • Crédits: Design Elie Ahovi, François Rybarczyk, Jérémie Levain
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