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ELEVAR toilet system

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Entry into the 2010 Reece Bathroom Innovation Awards. Toilet design was focused to eliminate the need for using the hands, thus the foot-lever system was developed.
  • The household toilet is an essential part of any bathroom, yet there are many annoying problems associated with its use and functionality. Problems such as dropping valuables/electronics into the bowl, running out of toilet paper and urinating on the seat were considered. However, the most irritating and common problem was the argument over the toilet seat being left up in a co-gender living space. Having to lift the seat up with your hand means having to bend down, and having to physically touch the unsterile toilet seat – two issues that could be resolved.
    Hence, a simple yet efficient system was to be designed that would allow the user to never have to touch the toilet again with their hands.

    ELEVAR is a tankless toilet which incorporates a dual lever system operated by foot pedals to lift and lock the toilet lid and seat in place whilst the toilet is in use, and then releases and folds the system back into its closed position when flushed.

    The advantage ELEVAR brings to the bathroom means the user will never have to bend over to lift the seat, or touch it for that matter. ELEVAR will always be left in its ‘switched-off’ position, hiding the dirty perception of the common toilet from view at all times, and hopefully making its presence in the bathroom less stressful, and more attractive.
  • The system of use for ELEVAR is explained in the sequences below.
  • A full sized prototype was built to confirm and demonstrate the proposed functionality of the toilet mechanism. This was a rough indicator of the shape and size of the design.  
  • Photographs of the 2:3 scale model are shown below. This was made entirely from MDF wood, with a vacuum formed styrene plastic bowl placed inside. The levers were functional using springs, and the lid and seat were able to pivot to show the opening and closing processes.

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