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Diamant Ride+ 320W Battery and Rack

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320W Battery and Rack system for Diamant E-Bikes
  • Ride+ is Treks best in class electric assist system.  E-Bikes are a big deal in the EU and Treks first take one the Ride+ system was due for an overhaul:  Reduce cost, increase ease of use, and bring it up to speed visually with the Diamant line of bikes.
  • I spent one month at Treks office in the Netherlands working with Joe Lintl - an exceptional bike designer from whom I learned a lot about their approach to design and product development. 
  • Credit goes to Joe Lintl on the detail here - he fine-tuned the design of the lens and made it the sweetest part of the whole package.  The guy is awesome when it comes to making sure it is all there.
  • Early concepts - less a focus on styling and more focus on rethinking how it would be manufactured and mounted to the rack.
  • Final CAD concept - The lens had to increase in size, so the lock mechanism had to moved to the side due to space requirements.
  • We added a nice rubber cover to the top to add protection, texture, and cover up the the screws!

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