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Desktop Computer Project

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This project was set early on into my Second Year at Bournemouth University. The idea behind the brief was to create a design which could feasibly become a 'classic design' or an iconic product. The challenge was that the project had to be either a desktop computer or a vacuum cleaner, both of which suffer from the obsolescence of any technology beyond a few years. I aimed to overcome this issue through a combination of advanced technology and stylish, timeless design, heavily influenced by the Scandinavian designs of the last couple of decades.
  • Desktop Computer Project
    Second Year Bournemouth University Project
  • The idea behind this university project was to take the concept of a desktop computer and make it literal. As such the computer is built into the surface of the desk and can be raised for easy use, kept flat or turned off so that it becomes a part of the desk. This means that none of the desk space need be sacrificed when a larger amount of space is needed. The shape of the desk is such that four can be combined into a 'Node'. These nodes can then be further linked to other nodes to create networks. The Nodes were created with the idea of creative teamwork in mind. Each user of a Node Terminal can work independantly but can then 'flick' images, files or web pages at the other members of the Node allowing them to quickly and easily share data. The idea behind the 'flick' is as simple as it sounds, the user literally flicks the file across the screen in the direction of the user the file is intended for and it arrives on the other person's screen, preferably as an invitation so as not to distract the other user if they are in the middle of a task.
  • This image shows how the desks work within the "node" concept, allowing for a group of professionals to have an individual work station that also contributes to the creative whole. By allowing ideas to be shared very quickly either on screen or by face to face contact the desk aims to improve both quality and efficiency within the work place. Face to face communication is a crucial part of a working environment, especially within a creative atmosphere; by creating a work station which focuses on positive eye contact where there is no sense of hierarchy or inequality I have tried to create an environment where this can flourish.

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