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Derailed / A competitive edge

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Derailed is the winning entry into the 'Bike Rack As Art' competition. Not only was this design sculptural but it also took into account factors of functionality, manufacturability, material optimistion and security to name a few. Currently these bike racks are installed in a number of locations througout Sydeny, Australia.
  • Derailed
    'Bike Rack As Art' Competition winner
  • Competitions are an important part of any designers practice. It creates a forum, normally free, from the commercial realitites and provides the opportunity to explore and play. Recently the 'Bike Rack As Art' competition asked for entries that saw bike racks as not just functional pieces but as art as well.
    Joneschijoff created the 'Derailed' bike rack in answer to this call and was awarded first prize for their efforts.
  • Much of the consideration in the 'Derailed' entry was the need for the bike rack to be functional, scuptural but also practical. As such much time was spent on the manufacturability of the bike rack. This included areas of materials selection, raw material optimisation, manufacturing process, design accessability, user interaction and installation.
  • Some of the media exposure received from the winning entry. Currently the bike racks are installed in a number of locations throughout Sydney, Australia

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