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Degradable Glass Urn

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A degradable glass urn. A re-design of the object 'Chinese Jade Cong'. Made from recycled glass bottles and kiln fired.
  • Degradable Glass Urn
    Chinese 'Cong' Interpretation
  • This piece was a project which I had to re-design a chosen object. This is my interpretation of the Chinese Jade 'Cong'; I created the outside shape spherical, representing the earth, and the inside shape being a square core which tapers from the bottom to the top, to guide them to the heavens. The concept to this piece is that it is to have the ashes of the loved one scattered into the core of the urn along with soil. A chosen seed would be planted into the core of the urn and the whole piece would be buried into the ground, the growing plant would represent the loved one as they grown with it. The urn being made from recycled glass bottles and fired to the point where the glass pieces would eventually break away with the growth of the plant will scatter underground.

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