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Cooker-Sense Band - Cooking Aid

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The Cooker-Sense Band is a kitchen aid to help users of all abilities be in control of their cooker at all times. Research showed that kitchen fires were a major problem for people of all ages and abilities. - The Cooker-Sense Band is the solution...
Project Info
  • Research shows that cooker fires have been a major problem at every age and ability. The fact that there is a problem with no solution drove me to design the Cooker-Sense Band. The Cooker-Sense band is a cooking aid. It was designed for an inclusive world project. Communication between sensors inside the cooker and the band allows the user to not only be in control of cooking at all times but also safe at all times. When a problem such as smoke/boiling over is detected the band overrides the cooker settings and turns the cooker down. If the problem persists the band turns off the cooker/hob

    For more information on the Cooker -Sense Band visit my website at

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