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Compact Compost

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The project tries to bring inside home an object that usually doesn’t belong to domestic environment: the composter. The raising attention for themes such as waste disposal, food self production and, in general, the new “do it yourself“ philosophy, lays the bases for a total reinterpretation of this object. Through its simplicity of use and its peculiar aesthetic language (that doesn’t belong to outdoors), we tried to design an object that, in contrast with its nature, nobody would be ashamed of showing it in his kitchen or living room. Compact Compost is designed to make the most of a composting technique called the “Berkeley method”, which makes it possible to obtain excellent compost in just a very short time, balancing out the amount of so-called “green“ and “brown“ waste in a specific ratio and periodically re-mixing this blend in different stages. Therefore we came up with a conformation that is divided up into four levels: 1st grinding, 2nd and 3rd mixing, 4th emptying out the finished compost.

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