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A methacrylate hourglass, where instead of sand you will have a light that can illuminate, when you will need to read without losing track of time.
  • Clepsamia
  • The clepsamia (commonly known as hourglass) is a tool used to measuring a certain amount of time in a precise manner, through the sand that drops from a glass cone at the top to
    another at the bottom.
    Usually, when we stop to read, our concentration for the reading means in an imprecise knowledge of the
    time you need, from time to time, watch more closely.
    Sometimes, if you can have a clock in the visual pattern, it also tends to stop looking over over and over again, in nervously, sometimes distracted from the reading.
    We decided to create a tool that brings together in itself the lighting and timing, so unobtrusive. It will be a personal lamp, and you can rest where you want to adjust the angle of light to your liking.

    The clepsamia contains light instead of sand.
    Within an hour of light (an LED strip that twists in the day of the pyramids methacrylate)passes from the pyramid top to bottom in a
    gradual. At the expiry time the light goes out completely and the reader is aware of the past. Then turning the hourglass light comes back
    by a pyramid to another. Inside the pyramid there is an arduino mini
    that has been programmed so that it turns on the LED strips in a phased manner, oncean hour past the lamp goes out, but thanks to a tilt sensor can be
    restart the process by turning the clepsamia.

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